Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fabric painting

Free hand storke painting on dress material.

Strokes paint

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Screen Printing Tutorial,Tips


Materials needed for colour screen print:

1. Design screen.

2. Table gum to apply on the painted table so that your cloth doesn't move.

3. proportion is if u take Khadi Binder - 1 spoon then Pigment Colour - 2 drops and fixer - 2 drops. 

     Mix well and use it immediately.

4. u should use squeezer to apply the colour on the design atleast 2 times. The design will be in a screen.  

5. If you are going to use a multi design screen close the other designs using cello tape. u should just rub on the design in the too and fro motion with the colour.

u need not use fixer for cotton materials.

u should use separate binder for gold print.

6. For gold print:

Gold binder 1 spoon, Golden powder small amount and fixer - 3 drops.

Gold print

7. For Glitter print:

Glitter binder, glitter screen, Glitter powder small amount and fixer - 3 drops.

This is the basic procedure. Just try it out and let me know. I have tried and it works out well.

Happy screen printing. I hope I am clear.

This is collected from net.then i want to share this with my blog readers.

Some screen shots of my trails.....

Emboss printing

Mango motifs by copper printing

Monday, 14 May 2012

pearl stitch on sari

Pearl stitch is used on this sari to give a grand look for normal plain color sari.I used this motifs as border for sari and some butties also placed among this motifs.

Here iam showing the border motif and butties placed among them in an image.

 for central i used large pearls and in the middle of flower petals, chips are used to fill the space.

the full looking of sari is like this below.


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Decorative item

Here iam posting one image that signifies the old style of our marriage.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Best out of waste

Today we are seeing how to make best out of waste. That means today we are learning making of pen holder with waste or good bangles.......

i think now you have a clear idea. Initially the materials required for this craft are:

Waste or good bangles, gum bottle. that's all. very simple and small budget for this craft.

step:1---initially take the bangles which are not useful now to wear.

Step:2--- Take gum bottle to attach the bangles one by one.

In the below figure,we are seeing how to arrange them in a pen holder model.

step:3--- place a gum on bangle like shown in the below figure


Step:4--- the below figure showing the outcome of  pen holder.

The final look of this craft is like this below figure....

you also try this and enjoy the feeling of making ur own crafts.........
share ur feelings through ur comments....

The video tutorial of making flower wase is showing below........ see and enjoy...


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pot painting

I know all of you are shows very much interest on Pot painting. But for learners it is some difficult task.

That's why i want to post some little solution.

i.e., doing pot painting using glass colors. I think this idea is liked by all of u.

here iam posting some example photographs.see and enjoy also. if u like these u have also right to try.
okay all the best. here they are.....

This paint is done on pingani pot with glass colors.

one more pot and glass painting........

glass paint
Pot painting using glass colors
a new idea for making children drink healthy liquid without failure. that is decorate their cup like this with glass colors.

If u like this post plz share ur feelings with comments on this.and plz encourage me through that...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Screen/Textile printing

here iam posting some of my Screen/fabric printing designs. Hope u all like this.......

 This is a pair of peacocks design which is printed using gold and copper binders.....

 This is a full view of catalogue......

 This is feather design of peacock.......

This is full peacock design which is printed with 2 colors......
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