Monday, 30 April 2012


This design for looking it has to say something to all of you.That is WELCOME.

I think u understand this now. if not plz see the below image.

hand embroidary designs

To collect this design i searched many places means at shops, google, various blogs etc. Finally i got this design at my relatives house itself. This is very old and beautiful design. my mother's sister stitched this design befor 2o years. Now i take this design from her and stitched on door curtain.

The individual girls are there here.

I hope all of u also likes this.

plz share ur feelings through comments or mail. me waiting..........

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kutchwork on pillow covers

These are the pillow covers in which i stitched the kutch work recently.

Bedsheet color is see green.
That's why i stitched with maroon color thread.

This is the close view of the design.
These are in heart shape to look and in
between them small motifs are designed.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Screen printing on bed sheet

This is my first screen printing work,kindly give your feed back.

The making of screens involves a process by which you get the design printed on a transparent stencil sheet. Then apply a special light sensitive ink on the muslin cloth mounted on a square frame. Expose the screen with the stencil under it to light..... etc. This is a very long process.

 I have done a screen printing on pink color bed sheet with green color design as my first trail.

This is on pillow cover.

This is the border i used to print all over the bed sheet.

 For central part iam thinking in which model i have to print.
very soonly i will post that also....
keep watching frnds...........

colorful floral jewellery...

Hello Ladies,

As Gold is really becoming very tough to buy because of its high price, so women are now moving towards 1gm gold. I witnessed the same in a jewellery exhibition recently.Neverthless to say, I fell in love with them and bought few good stuff from it.

You can buy the 1gram gold jewellery these days anywhere ..look for stores where they are selling designer sarees or ghagra cholis or salwars..most of the stores have these jewellery as they very well go great with any party wear.. 

On a saturday afternoon in a good mood, got an idea to share all recent collection to you. So tried to capture few good jewellery sets!!hehee, pretty junk stuff!!!Hope you enjoy these!!!
Few havebeen captured, hope you all like them! 

That's why today iam posting some colorful floral jewellery.See and enjoy....

 It's very very beautiful.....

 I like it very much.....

These are really cool and trendy to wear on sarees..wat u say........

I loved this collection so thought of posting. Please post comments if you have any suggestion..Thankuuuuuu

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Glass Painting

Actually iam very much interested about the arts and crafts. But to learn those arts and crafts, there is no option at my village.So, that's why me itself started to learn through net and with my own ideas.

In the same way, recently i had done an experiment with glass painting.Now i want to share that glass painting art with my blog reader friends.

Glass Painting

Any one can guess from where this glass i got? 

na idea naaa..........

okay i will say....

This glass is outside cover of T.V. Then i purchased water based glass colors for doing this art.
The above picture is taken with background color is white.

This picture is taken without background(pure glass only) 

Now my idea is to frame this glass paint and donate this to my village temple. Because this is my first trail.

If anybody want the pattern of this paint,i will post that design. Also, i will post the procedur of glass paint in step by step procedure if any one needs.

okay... iam eagerly waiting for the comments of my blog readers.......

Saturday, 21 April 2012

jewellery model embroidary

This is a different type of embroidary. Iam saying like this because of one reason. that is nothing but this embroidary is looking like a jewellery model.

This jewellery is called as MOLA PATTI. Many of our ladies are like this jewellery very much. but so many of us are not able to buy this.That's we have made this type of embroidary.

 After seeing this design wat you say? am i correct or not? is this design like jewellery or not?

 This is the central flower of the jewellery model embroidary design. In this various types of stitches are used like long and short stitch, pearl stitch, etc.,

 This is the close view of that design.

These are the branches which are stitched all over the sari. This design is combination of stem stitch,long and short stitch, pearl stitch etc.,

Friday, 13 April 2012

Pachis work

Today i want to share another type of hand embroidary which is done by my sister that is nothing but pachis work or pachis stitch.The stitch takes beautiful flower formation when you stitch like in the diagram.

The images of that work on sari are posting here. See those and feel free to post your comments and suggetions.

Ther are so many specialities in this sari. They are sari color, Type of design, taking design in different model on sari, etc., watch and give ur valuable comments..........

 This is one type of variety on taking border for sari. This type of border makes a good look to this sari.

 This is buttie which is spread all over the sari.

pachis stitch

This is one type of variety on taking pallu design for sari. 

This type of variety also makes a good look to this sari.
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